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Bill Hallett

An American Voice

For Your Voice Over Needs

What I offer you:

I bring a robust sound of an American voice that stands out in any setting. If you want a truly American voice, contact me.

I work from my home studio and will deliver to you an edited and professionally finished audio file.

Vintage Mic
Vintage Mic

My Experience

Why Bill Hallett?

My voice has been heard on radio stations in major markets such as Boston, Baltimore and fits in anywhere. I've promoted products such as beer, furniture, clothing and banks, just to name  few.
My voice has also been used for narrations for things such as virtual tours, museum projects and is a great way to enhance any project in the post COVID-19 era.
One of my favorite things is narrations for documentaries, like I did for Grant's Cottage in upstate New York.
In 2022, I began working for the, founded by Kevin Costner, Bill Werlin and Woody Sears, recording and writing short stories for the travel app.

Recording Studio

The voice is resonant, clear and precise, but also strong, and sincere as well. It can be commanding and attention grabbing.
Working remotely makes perfect sense in our post COVID 19 world!

"A good voice makes all the difference."

Bill Hallett

Vintage Mic
Vintage Mic

Contact Me

Kingston, New Hampshire
Amagansett, L.I., New York


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